A Home for Your Clothes

Just as people have a place to come home to,
clothes need a place to call home, too.
Your clothes are important to you. Our warm welcome awaits them.

NAKATA KOGEI Co., Ltd. is the only maker specializing in wooden hangers in Japan that has continued to meet the extremely high demands of Japanese apparel companies in the constantly changing and growing fashion culture since the company's foundation in 1946. NAKATA HANGER is a wooden hanger made in Japan that NAKATA KOGEI has carefully re-examined the hanger from the user's point of view and made the best use of the skills, knowledge, and experiences accumulated over many years. Each hanger is made by craftsmen, and the hanger has a sophisticated design and a function to keep clothes in good shape. Our hangers have a universality that does not change over time.

NAKATA HANGER is also widely used as a gift. It is popular as a gift for someone important to you, as a wedding gift, and as a graduation souvenir. We have a concept of "Hanging clothes is happiness". (The words "clothes" and "happiness" are a pun in Japanese.) The craftsmen handcraft each hanger one by one with the hope that the giver and the user will be happy. We continue to pursue the potential of hangers and propose a lifestyle through wooden hangers.

Brand History

  • We had “Hanger Art Display” at London.
  • We’ve started limited sale of “Snow beech hanger” made from beech in Japan.
  • Featured by oversea media 「The New York Times
  • Held Trunk show at 「THE ARMOURY」 in Hong Kong
  • Held event at「Leathers Day YOKOHAMA,2023」
  • Disney 100th Anniversary collaboration - Limited edition Hanger Release
  • Certified 「“Kurumin”」 as a child-rearing support company
  • Started Gift Concierge Service
  • Started the project to obtain "Kurumin", certificated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to a child-rearing support company.
  • Selected for the opening campaign of UNIQLO TOKYO.
  • Launched NAKATA HANGER’s global web store.
  • Produced the hangers for Ebara Riverside Theatre.
  • Selected as a gift for the UNIQLO campaign.
  • Won the regional award at "COLOR ME Shop Award 2020", an E-commerce service.
  • Our president attended the conference promoting women's activities in Miyazaki prefecture.
  • Signed to WEPS. (Women's Empowerment Principles)
  • Our president appeared on Taro Hakase's radio program "ANA World Air Current" on J-Wave.
  • Started the sample hanger’s free try-on service for domestic customers.
  • Started the concierge service of hangers.
  • Won the prefectural governor's award at "Hyogo Creative Business Grand Prix 2019".
  • Produced the collaboration hangers with Hiroshima Toyo Carp, one of the Japanese professional baseball teams.
  • Joined in Amazon Prime Day fair.
  • Introduced in the Fuji TV's program "Honma dekka!? TV".
  • Introduced in the column "NIKKEI THE STYLE" of Nikkei Newspaper.
  • Selected as a gift for the UNIQLO campaign.
  • Introduced in "Amazon Story ~Amazon Story: A Family Business Shares The Joy of Craftmanship~" by Amazon Japan.
  • Launched the portable clothes brush "Barca".
  • Held an event of the original hangers for POTER CLASSIC in the Isetan Men's Building.
  • Our president had a lecture event at "Monozukuri College" organized by Factelier, a brand directly connected to the factory of Made in Japan.
  • Started selling at Hankyu Men's Osaka.
  • Started selling at LEXUS MEETS... HIBIYA.
  • Ordering event of custom hangers at STRASBURGO.
  • Exhibited at the event of Shibuya Hikarie "d47 Museum".
  • Held a trunk show at THE ARMORY in Hong Kong.
  • Made the special hangers for the guest rooms of the luxury train "Twilight Express Mizukaze".
  • Collaboratively produced and launched the Wajima lacquered hanger with Senshudo.
  • Produced the collaboration hangers with TAKEO KIKUCHI.
  • Introduced in NHK-BS Premium's program "The Mark of Beauty".
  • Expanded our showroom in Aoyama, Tokyo.
  • NAKATA KOGEI Co., Ltd's 70th anniversary year
  • Started receiving inquiries and orders from Asian and European countries.
  • Selected as "The Wonder 500 - Japanese excellent local product".
  • Introduced as a case study of craftsmanship on the website of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  • Started selling at Hankyu Men's Tokyo.
  • Launched the valet stand hanger "Giorno".
  • Produced the collaboration hangers with UNITED ARROWS.
  • Sold limited edition at "d47 design travel store" in Shibuya Hikarie.
  • Sales started at major commercial facilities and department stores nationwide.
  • Started selling at Hakata Hankyu.
  • Started working with Dot Tailor, a bespoke tailor shop in Japan.
  • Introduced in NHK's TV Program "Luzon's Pot".
  • Started proposing hangers as bridal gifts.
  • Held an event "Cambrian Hanger Exhibition", displaying the collection of a hanger collector Toyohisa Amano.
  • Released NAKATA HANGER's "NH" and "Authentic" collections.
  • Developed Anatomy Hanger with DEVOA, a fashion brand that expresses clothes base on the human body structure.
  • Produced lacquered hangers (Japanese lacquer) and held an exhibition "Hanger meets Japan".
  • Held a hanger-making workshop with Waseda University students and exhibited the hangers at the Aoyama Showroom.
  • Opened Japan's first showroom specializing in hangers in Aoyama, Tokyo in July.
  • Established our original hanger brand, NAKATA HANGER.