A Home for Your Clothes

A Home for Your Clothes

Just as people have a place to come home to,
clothes need a place to call home, too.
Your clothes are important to you.
Our warm welcome awaits them.




A Home for Your Clothes

A Home for Your Clothes


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Welcome to the New Year! And, perhaps, a new way to store your trousers. Trouser clamps allow for trousers to be hung straight, without the possibility of the dreaded fold line in the middle. Moreover, it allows for the full weight of the trousers to help dissipate any wrinkles that may have accumulated during the days wear. The caveat is that trouser clamps require more vertical space in the closet. The Nakata AUT-07G is hand made in Japan out of European beechwood and, in contrast to other clamps, does not contain any plastic parts. The closure mechanism employs steel rollers, which are bound to last a life time. #arterton #artertonlondon #nakatahanger #nakata #madeinjapan #mayfair #suitlover #sumisura #sartoria #classicgentleman #suits #tailoring #customsuits #garmentcare #madetomeasure #goodyearwelt #woodworking #styleforum #coathangers #wardrobecare #savilerow #bespoke #dapper #businesstravel #patina #handwelted


. 同郷のハンガー☝🏻少しづつ集めよう #中田ハンガー #nakatahanger #madeinjapan #woodhanger #mensfashion #mensstyle


Notice of the year-end and New Year holidays Only a few days left this year. Many thanks to all the people we've met in 2021! We will be closed during the following period. ■Dec. 29th 2021 - Jan. 4th 2022 For orders and inquiries received during the holiday, we will respond from Jan. 6th. * Orders will be accepted as usual during the holiday too. * Tokyo Aoyama Showroom will also be closed during the holiday. Thank you for your understanding. https://www.nakatahanger.com/en/ ・年末年始休業と年内発送のお知らせ 青山ショールーム及びオンラインショップは、12月29日(水)〜1月4日(火)までの7日間につきましては誠に勝手ながら年末年始休業日とさせていただきます。 ※ご注文の受け付けは休業期間中も通常通り行なっております。 休業期間中にいただきました ご注文・お問い合わせへの返信は1月5日(水)より、発送業務等につきましては1月6日(木)より順次対応いたします。大変ご不便をおかけいたしますが何卒よろしくお願い申し上げます。 ** 年末年始の発送について ** ■ 年内発送対応について 12月22日(水)12:00までのご注文につきましては、年内発送に努めさせていただきます。 しかしながら、以下の商品につきましてはご注文状況により早期の締切とさせていただく場合がございます。 ◆ ネーム入れ、またはラッピングを伴うご注文 ◆ 在庫のない商品 受付完了後に送信いたします「商品発送予定のお知らせ」メールをご確認くださいますようお願いいたします。 #nakatahanger


"Making the finest hangers in the world." We don't only make hangers for clothes, but also want to enrich the hearts of our customers with the hangers. The skilled craftsmen handcraft all hangers one by one with the hope that the gift giver and the user will be happy. There are lots of processes to finish a hanger, and the craftsmen of each process pass the baton to another craftsmen of the next process. It's like a relay race. This race starts from "Shape forming", the first and an important process. Craftsmen spirits for hangers, and accumulated techniques. Why don't we see the backstage of making hangers? We'll upload them in our Instagram's stories. We focus on the next process after shape forming , "coloring", that makes the most of the individuality of hangers. NAKATA HANGER のものづくりを紹介するページができました。今回は、ハンガーに色を加えて魅力を引き出す「塗装」という過程に注目しました。 「世界一のハンガーを彩る(塗装編)」 https://www.nakatahanger.com/features/2021-10-27 私たちは、洋服のためのハンガーを作るだけではなく、ものづくりでお客様の心を豊かにしたいという思いを持っています。贈る人や使う人が幸せになってほしいという思いを込めて、熟練の職人・スタッフが一本一本を手作業で木製ハンガーを作っています。ハンガーが出来上がるまでにはいくつもの工程があり、各工程の職人・スタッフたちがリレーのバトンを手渡すように連携しながら完成を目指します。ハンガー作りにかける職人の情熱、これまで培ってきた技術。ぜひご覧ください。 Instagram storiesでも何回かに分けてご紹介します。 #nakatahanger #nakatakogei #中田工芸 #木製ハンガー #ハンガー #hanger #woodenhanger #craftmanship #clotheshanger #woodwork #woodworking #manufacturing #madeinjapan #木工 #ものづくり #天然木


Handles your day's gear, in style
Giorno means "day" or "daytime" in Italian. As the word describes, the valet makes your day elegant and and support to the start of your perfect day.
You can hang your total coordinates including shoes, bags and watches. Smoothly slip on or take off your coat or jacket without even touching a hanger.
Even its refined design is giving a calm and luxurious feeling to the room.


NH series is the highest grade hangers made by craftsmen from a single plate of special thickness without any joints. The common design is a "trench" that gives the collar an elegant look. They are the ultimate hangers made by hand by craftsmen.

AUTHENTIC is a highly convenient series that can be selected according to a wide range of purposes. It has been used by various apparel brands, and the hangers have functional features designed with attention to detail and quality.

SET series is a reasonably priced model that maintains a high level of quality. It is a set of 5 pieces with basic functions for stylish and casually enjoying fashion.