We want to make you happy.

Delivering the finest hangers to the world

We’d like to introduce you to our craftsman’s heart and the refined techniques that we have cultivated over the past 70 years.



A craftsman’s particular

“Thinking with customer’s viewpoint” is our most important principle. When I give a job training for new members I always tell them a very important standard, “whether it pleases customers or not”. This is a core part of our quality evaluation. We always keep improving our hanger’s quality for the best in the world. But “To make only one hanger”, it requires not only the craftsmen’s skill and passion but also the customer’s passion. Our mission is to complete making hangers with customer’s passion and deliver them. We commit to give a big impression beyond your expectation.

Insert a metal hook.

During this process, worker adjusts the amount of power to each hanger, because each natural wood has different individual character. When inserting the hook, it must be placed parallel to the hole. The required power to insert depends on density and hardness of wood, so worker must have a skill to distinguish and adjust the difference.
Some skillful craftsmen have this high ability, so they work very fast. This work is done by hands not automatically. Also our department staffs have to inspect all hangers with our hard eyes. Using a thick hook gives a hanger durability and feeling of luxury. Durability is essential for suits hangers, as a hanger has to support the weight of the set of suits

Attaching under parts

We attach all under parts like a felt bar and clips by hands, too. When we do it by using a hammer, the degree of hand force and the angle of it are important. If the angle is wrong, we cannot attach the parts smoothly. That means, the wooden hanger is split, or the metal parts get bent. So, this process is needed not only the power but sensitivity.
Actually, we are listening carefully to the sound of our working. This is because we can check the degree of our power by listening to it. For example, when we could hammer the parts to the correct position, it sounds high tone. But our working is not enough, is sounds low. We are doing the work with attention to the sounds too.


What’s important for craftsmen?

That is, the heart for customers. No matter how good our products are, if we can’t consider customers who will use them, it will be just self-satisfied one. Of course, we have to keep our products’ quality, but making a hook which makes customers surprised is our important mission, too. We always believe in that we can offer the excitement by being particular about details, such as gift wrapping that makes the hanger a special gift, and name engraving to make it the only one of its kind in the world.
To achieve this, we think the mind for others like “I want to make you happy.”, “I want to help someone be happy with my working.” is more essential than "showing off our skill based on our mind.

Certificating of our quality

On the back of each hanger, there is NAKATA HANGER logo engraving. This logo means the certification of “Made in NAKATA Kogei” and that our technique, mind, and accumulated history became a shape of hanger. We might also say “By engraving NAKATA HANGER logo, we certificated that this is the finest hanger combined our best.” Engraving this logo has very important and heavy responsibility. Because having our logo shows that we can release it as a hanger of NAKATA HANGER. Then before engraving the logo, we always check each hanger with care and add the logo while adjusting the engraving position one by one.

There is no room for error when engraving the name or message with customers’ feeling and commitment. So, we take care to position them where they look the most beautiful. Even a 0.1mm discrepancy could change the impression we get, so this is a process that requires carefulness and concentration.

Final quality checking and gift wrapping

Before shipping, we have the last quality checking and gift wrapping process. This is the final process, and also where determines whether the hanger is released to the world or not. If we happen to feel something wrong about the hanger, even if it is only a slight discomfort, we will turn it over for repair. Also, we have quality checking with care not to miss any tiny uneven color, scratch, and dents. During wrapping, we wrap each box carefully. For gift bag, we are particular about the soft and beautiful shape of bags and elegant ribbon ties.
Some staffs check with each other as they work to avoid relying on their subjectivity. We are always doing our job while imaging the customer’s big smile and surprised “Wow!”.
“We don’t send only products, but joy.” That’s our concept. So, we work hard with the heart based on it.

A message for our customers

There are huge of hangers all over the world. So, we do every effort to be selected in them. We believe that we have to maintain our product quality and deliver the best hanger without any compromise. It would be the greatest honor if our customer is pleased with the hanger. We hope that NAKATA HANGER is the best hanger for you.