Why not use a brush to last your precious clothe long?
2024/05/24 Journal

To maintain the beautiful texture of your clothes, daily care brushing is priority.
Today we would like to introduce the right brush for you and how to use them.

〈Why use brushes〉

Do you know what kind of results can be achieved by brushing your clothes?

1) Removing dusts and small dirt that gets on the product when worn.
Dusts and small particles will be carried to the clothes that have been worn all day.
As the season approaches, we are also concerned about pollen that will be attached to the clothes.
By having a daily brushing habit, you can remove the dusts and dirt to keep your clothes in a clean condition.

2) Trim the hair of the brush and prevent pill balls that may occur.
The fibers of the clothes will become disheveled when wearing.
If you leave it untreated, it will gradually cause pill balls to form.
Also, the fibers will look flattened. By brushing, you can prevent pilling by adjust the hair of the fibers, and clothes will maintain their appearance in neat condition.
Daily brushing is important maintenance for clothes that cannot be washed frequently, such as suits.

Surprisingly, the variety of effects that occur, may be overlooked, but brushing is very important to prevent pill formation.

〈How to select the right brush〉

Clothes brushes are commercially available at variety of shops now a days, but there are several types of bristles that are used to the brushes.
The three most common types are horse hair, pig hair, and synthetic hair.
Each has different features and price ranges, but if you are unsure which one to purchase, we recommend the horsehair brushes.
Horsehair brushes have very soft bristles compared to other types of bristles such as pig bristles.
It is also suitable for clothes made of delicate materials such as cashmere, so you can use it to variety of materials.
A horse hair brush is very useful to have, so we recommend for those who are wondering to purchase brushes at their first time.
NAKATA HANGER also carries horsehair brushes.

・Clothes Brush/Horse Hair/Mars Brown

〈How to use〉

STEP1 First, brush against the the fibers of the clothes (from bottom to top). Loosen the hair of the fabric so that it lifts the dust.

STEP 2 Next, brush along the fibers (top to bottom) to remove the dust.
Don't forget about the details such as around the collar and pocket flaps.

STEP 3 Finally, brush again along the fibers (top to bottom) to smoothen the fabric.
There is also a video showing how to use a clothes brush on NAKATA HANGER's official YOUTUBE channel.

・How to care for winter coats with fine horsehair brush.

When the dust accumulates on the brush, please remove it by hand or use a comb to remove the dirt and particles that has gotten deep into the brush.
Washing with water is strictly prohibited.
The bristles of the brush may spread, and the handle of the brush is often made of wood, so if it gets wet, it may cause a mold to grow.

Hope the information helped out.

We recommend brushing your clothes as soon as you get home so it becomes a habit.
Our NAKATA HANGER staff member A is using the NAKATA HANGER horsehair brush at home.
Our staffs brush their wool coat every time when wearing it, and even 5-6 years after they bought it, there are no pilling on the surface of the coat, and it remains as clean condition.
They are happy that their daily care is paying off, and is able to continue brushing.
They treasure their coats, so they would like to continue to take care of it so they can remain to wearing it for many years.

As a step to keeping your precious clothes in good condition and wearing them for as long as possible, we recommend using the brushes.