Our efforts to a sustainable society
2020/09/18 News

Today, people all over the world are working toward the common goal of achieving a sustainable society. A sustainable society is the one that does not destroy the Earth's environment and does not use too many resources, and where we can continue to live in peace on this beautiful planet for future generations. To achieve it, we think about what we can do with the hangers in our daily work. So, we would like to share a story about sustainable wooden hangers at this time.

Nowadays, the plastic-free movement is spreading rapidly around the world. Even companies focus on this issue like many restaurants have started to use paper straws or Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets have started to charge for plastic bags. Ethical consumption is spreading among consumers as well as companies, and it is becoming possible for individuals to contribute to society by making small efforts to solve the world's environmental problems.

However, why has this problem become so important? We think the biggest problem is that plastic products can be mass-produced at low cost, so they are easily disposable. Of course, some plastic products are recycled and reused, but even so, a large amount of them are discharged as garbage that can not be disposed of enough, which leads to environmental destruction. We believe that the most important thing is to use good quality products for a long time, not as dispose of things.

Japanese people have built up their history and culture using trees. From ancient times to the present, trees have been part of our lives in a variety of ways. The houses, household items and crafts that formed the basis of life were representative of the culture and lifestyle of the time period, and many of them were made of wood. Even temples built 1,300 years ago, such as Horyu-temple in Japan, were built with wood. Therefore, Japanese people have been using wood as a part of their lives since ancient times, and they have a spirit of taking care of things.

Our hangers are made of European beach wood. In European countries, planned tree planting has been promoted since the middle of the 19th century, and they have a concept of sustainable forest management. We use beech wood from the planned forest with great care, and have been making high quality hangers. We think using wooden hangers contributes to the sustainability.