How to measure your hanger size Choose the right size hanger for yourself!

Clothes are spend more time in closet than they are worn.
Hangers wear your clothes instead of you while they are stored.
That is why it makes great sense to use hangers in appropriate sizes.
We will introduce how to know your right hanger size.
Please place a measuring tape on the seam at the tips of both shoulders
and measure the distance between the two points.
The approximate size of ‘hanger shoulder width’ is the length subtract 2 to 4 cm from ‘clothing shoulder width’.
The important point here is that the hangers should be just a little smaller than the shoulder width of the clothes.
If the top of the shoulders pops out, the clothes will be stressed and that will be the cause to lose their shapes.

Choose a hanger that fits you.

Now that you know your size,
"Which hanger should I get?" and if you are looking for one, Our recommendation would be AUT-05.
It is the most popular model of NAKATA HANGER.
They are available in three sizes ( 400mm / 430mm / 460mm ) You are assured to find the perfect hanger for yourself!
The wardrobe is ”A Home for Yours Clothes”.
Meet the perfect hanger and make it comfortable place for your precious clothes.

Please feel free to ask us for any inquiries or concerns.
We are always happy to help you.