Men’s Hanger Set
The best introduction model of NAKATA HANGER

Closet, that is your personal and particular space. In your closet, why don’t you have fine hangers to help keep your clothes looking great for years to come?
We recommend our most popular men’s suit hanger “SET-01” based on “Great shape and ease of arrangement”.
SET-01」 is also good as the introduction model of NAKATA HANGER.
Our hangers make your daily clothes selection more enjoyable.


Beautiful shape to fit the clothes

You can use this hanger for suit, jacket, or heavy outer wear.
The enough shoulder thickness and curved line keep your clothes’ shape.
One of the best maintenance ways of three-dimensional clothes is to keep their shape with hangers which have similar shape as human body. In addition to the shape, its’ smooth touch is also our hanger’s outstanding feature. This pleasant touch helps you take your clothes from a hanger without any stress.

  • Before
  • After


Beautiful and well-organized appearance

Organizing hanger’s shape and color gives your closet a beautiful and clean look. Smoked brown color would match any types of furniture or rooms. It would be no exaggeration to say our hanger is little wood furniture, so you can use them for display storage, too.
When your precious clothes are stored beautifully, you could feel a certain satisfaction every time you open the closet.


Easy to arrange

By simplifying the shape, we were able to offer a set of 5 pieces at a reasonable price.
SET-01 is also good option for a customer who needs lots of hangers for a large closet.
“This hanger is much higher quality than I had imagined.” We have gotten such great customer reviews so far.


Our attention to product the finest wooden hanger

Our wooden hangers are carefully made by skillful craftsmen with the highest attention to detail.
We want you to feel the warmth and comfortable usability of wood products, so always value high craftsmanship and sustainability.
We use wood plank managed under the rules of planned planting without waste in our manufacturing process without waste , while protecting forests, which is our important resources on the earth.

For Suit

A set of men’s suit hangers
Exclusive model on our website
With sturdy 55mm shoulder thickness, it keeps clothes’ proper shape.
“Want to preserve the outer wear’s beautiful shape during their off season.”
“Want to wear the cherished suit with care.”
“Want to have a good maintenance for daily clothes.”
If you are thinking like this, we highly recommend this model.
For outer wear, jacket, and suit, you can use for any types of clothes, so SET-01 is the easiest and best choice.

For Shirt

A set of men’s shirt hangers
Exclusive model on our website
If you are looking for a thin, reasonable but fine qualified hanger, this model would be perfect.
Its’ modest shoulder thickness fits your right clothes.
You can feel the smooth touch of well- polished wood, and it helps you hang on and out the clothes.
SET-02 saves your closet space, but keeps your right clothes like shirts, cardigans and so on.

For trousers

A set of men’s trouser hangers
A trouser hanger with smart gimmick and sharp atmosphere.
A pair of soft felt parts inside the hanger holds your trousers and avoids from pinch marks. Press the metal fixture and the wood planks open and shut.
It can be used to hang a trouser from the hem or from the waist, and this way enables to remove its wrinkles.
A set of men’s trouser hangers
SET-11 is a set of 5 pieces of AUT-11, our popular trouser hanger.
If you prefer quick and easy use than gimmick, you’d like SET-11.
Just hang your trousers on it. One side is open for smooth taking trousers.
The top of the bar is lined with felt to prevent slipping.
A smooth felt line and a moderate thickness keep your trousers looking great without wrinkles.